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Animali da compagnia ammessi


Our cook with undoubted ability manages to combine the tradition of the cuisine of Garfagnana, simple and authentic with modern knowledge, proposing that phenomenon now universally recognized as "Cucina Povera" ( Poor Kitchen).

The unique mix of what Garfagnana can offer regarding typical products Km.0, whether cultivated or spontaneous as the Farro IGP, the Maize Ottofile here said "Formenton" or the minute and tasty native chestnuts called Mondine , particularly suitable to be roasted by the fire or to obtain excellent flour, after drying in a strictly natural smoke in Metati, small stone houses. Berries such as blueberries ,raspberries, blackberries and wild strawberries. Wild herbs of the mountain and tasty porcini mushrooms from Garfagnana.

To complete the offer of typical products there are renowned cheeses and beef of best quality from local production, the prized Brown Trout "freshwater fish" from fish farms in mountain, where water and environmental conditions ensure its healthiness. Not even miss the "wild fish" of the stream.

Even the Garfagnana is part of the Tuscan and Italian reality where the "kitchen" is favorably influenced by traditions and the local roots.

As for the cheeses, in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, every year in September there is the traditional Exhibition of Cheese with prizes for the producers, and tasting and purchasing opportunities for the public. Among the various cheeses definitely deserves to be remembered the good "Pecorino D'Alpeggio".

Among the sausages produced here we point out the typical salami par excellence of our land, "Mondiola" in the shape of "U" tied at the ends with a bay leaf in the center to enhance the natural flavor of the meat, enriched with only salt and pepper without chemical preservatives.
We also have to mention the "Biroldo of Garfagnana" certainly the oldest sausage, always done in rural families with the less noble parts of the pig. Today the associated producers, guarantee authenticity and craftsmanship that respects the right rules.

Within the limits of seasonality and availability, guests can also buy some typical products.

Garfagnana is perfect for a holiday or a weekend also thanks to the typical products!

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