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Farmhouse Mulin del Rancone is a base for excursions of various kinds.

Mountain: we are close to the ski slopes of Careggine, Casone di Profecchia and Passo delle Radici. Locations' who keep their charm even in the summer.

Lakes: Garfagnana is rich in water and there are many lakes that you can visit. The largest is the famous Lake Vagli, reservoir of the most important of Europe for it's water capacity, made famous by the ghost village known as Fabbriche di Careggine that lies on the bottom and magically comes back to light almost intact during the periodic emptying. The lake is navigable, you can do canoeing, windsurfing or fishing.
Another noteworthy lake is Pontecosi. This place come alive in the summer with cultural, gastronomic and leisure initiatives, well organized by volunteers of the town.

Natural parks and reserves: Orecchiella offers scenic tours of incredible beauty, it is not difficult to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Of particular interest is the Botanical Garden. The Apuan Alps Park and the Park of High Apennine with unique scenery of suggestive and wild beauty. You can go hiking, horseback or mountain bike trails through perfectly tracked paths, diversified for beginners and experts.

Karst caves: Grotta del Vento (Wind Cave) and Cave of Corchia two fascinating complex open to the public with guided tours. There is also Orrido di Botriin in Val Fegana that is a narrow canyon formed by the river Lima, really exciting to go safely, accompanied by professional guides. The River Lima thanks to the characteristic of its water that is clear and impetuous is a river canoeing paradise, one of the beautiful natural gyms in central Italy.

Historical / cultural destinations: Rocca Ariostesca (Ariosto's fortress) , the Museum of Ligurian Civilization, the fortress of Monte Alfonso and the Romanesque Cathedral (XVI century). This is what you can visit in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana.

Castiglione di Garfagnana is a beautiful town with its city walls built in the fourteenth century to protect the Castle, beautifully preserved.

San Pellegrino in Alpe the picturesque village, the highest to e inhabited of Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Visit the Sanctuary and the Ethnographic Museum of Rural Life with work tools and tradition.

San Romano with the massive outer walls that were made after the sixteenth century, walls which made this town an Este stronghold. Here you can find also The Fortress of Verrucole and the medieval village. Here the landscape is among the most beautiful of Garfagnana thanks to the position that is 665 meters above sea level

Barga, a charming town with quaint old town, the Cathedral of the ninth century with the Romanesque façade, rich in works of Della Robbia school, in addition to beautiful alabaster and stained glass windows.
Castelvecchio Pascoli, the village where is the house museum of the poet Giovanni Pascoli.

In Bagni di Lucca there are: spa complex characterized by 19 sources, the English Church, the 'Hospital Demidoff, the Chain Bridge, the Casino, the Villas and many churches ( also Romanesque) located in the immediate vicinity.

Borgo a Mozzano: Ponte della Maddalena better known as the Devil's Bridge, bridge over the river Serchio dating back to the fourteenth century. Because of its unusual shape, a legend, the manufacturer come to terms with the devil to build it.

Vergemoli is proud Hermitage Calomini, incredibly charming sanctuary carved into the sheer rock.

Garfagnana besides being the land of holiday par excellence is close to the most important cities of Tuscany, and less than an hour's drive from the beaches of Versilia.